Education and Networking Australia

Nigel Mitchell



Onsite work:

In any Asian or Australian city with an international airport:
$700 for airfare plus $350 per day (2-6 hours).
No extra charge for accommodation and meals.
For work in other locations, a fee will be charged at cost for additional travel and time.

Remote work:

$20 per hour for data entry
$55 per hour for Social Media, LMS and Website management
$150 per contact hour for online training

For work in Australia, and for organisations based in Australia, rates are charged in AUD.
In all other locations the rates are the same and charged in USD.
Bulk and ongoing work can be negotiated at discounted rates or through payment of a retainer.

All work is invoiced by on an Australian Business Number.
Not currently registered for GST.
Payment accepted by PayPal or direct deposit to my Australian bank account.

This information is current at 05 March 2017 and subject to change without notice.